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Why have I not heard of you before?

Lots of people ask this! We don't advertise much- a big proportion of our business comes through referrals from satisfied customers, and we like it that way. It means we can spend more time focusing on delivering great service, and less time on deciding where we should advertise. Please bear this in mind when you use us- the success of our business relies on word-of-mouth, so do pass on the word if you are happy with our service.

Do you do free estimates?

No we do our best to provide either over the phone or email. We charge a one hour fee and it will be applied to your invoice if we get the work. 

Will I have to wait in all day for us to show up?

No we will give you a specific time as agreed upon us and yourself. We are 99% of the time, but sometimes (particularly at the end of the day) we might be a little late. But we always call you well in advance to let you know our revised estimated arrival time

How can I pay?

We accept cash or cheque at this time.