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Exterior Maintenance

The outside of your home is what forms neighbor’s and visitor’s opinions of you. The way you maintain your home and yard is the first impression of yourself to many people. Outside maintenance is the most direct reflection of pride of ownership.

While performing any outside maintenance task, assembly and making sure all needed materials are handy for the job will save a lot of time and frustration that may occur midway through. From Christmas lights to debris removal, outside maintenance varies dependent upon season and often involves prevention and repair.

  • Basketball Hoop
  • Bird nest removal
  • Chimney cap (metal)
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Chimney flue screen
  • Chimney replace (metal)
  • Christmas lights hung
  • Christmas lights removed
  • Debris Removal
  • Deck cleaning
  • Dock Bumpers Replace
  • Flag Pole Install
  • Flag Pole Removal
  • Gazebo 10x10 Install
  • Gazebo 10x10 Removal
  • Gazebo 10x10 Replace
  • Gutters - Reattach
  • Gutters cleaned
  • Hedge trimming (tree)
  • Hot Tub Removal (spa)
  • Mailbox Replace
  • Metal Building 10x10 Install
  • Metal Building 10x10 Removal
  • Metal Building 10x10 Replace
  • Patio steps removed
  • Patio steps replaced
  • Power wash deck
  • Pressure Wash
  • Raking leaves
  • Shed kit put together
  • Sod lay new
  • Sprinkler aerator/manifold replaced
  • Sprinkler head replaced
  • Sprinkler line leak fixed
  • Sprinkler system programmed
  • Sprinkler system shut down
  • Sprinkler system start-up
  • Storage Shed 10x10 Install
  • Storage Shed 10x10 Removal
  • Storage Shed 10x10 Replace
  • Swimming Pool Diving Board Replace
  • Swimming Pool Ladder Replace
  • Swimming Pool Light Replaced
  • Swimming Pool Pump Replace
  • Swing set assembled & set
  • Weather stripping installed
  • Weathervane installed
  • Window glazed
  • Window glazing
  • Window well bubble cover installed
  • Window well caulk seams
  • Window well cleaned
  • Window well Cover Replace
  • Window well replaced