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Concrete/ Masonry

Concrete and masonry are jobs that involve heavy labor and if done improperly, can be very difficult and expensive to correct. We can complete concrete and masonry jobs that will suite your creative desires as well as function as a long-lasting surface.

modern homes are usually spa-like with soft towels and patterned tile on the floor and in the shower stalls. Some bathrooms include steam showers and other luxurious touches used to create a sanctuary feel. Of course, mildew and leaks will instantly turn even the best mood-lit bathroom into a must-do remodel.

  • Asphalt cleaning
  • Asphalt crack repairs
  • Asphalt drive repair
  • Asphalt driveway cleaned/sealed
  • Asphalt hole repairs
  • Brick Veneer Install
  • Brick Veneer Removal
  • Brick Veneer Replace
  • Concrete 4' pad removed
  • Concrete acid wash - clean
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Concrete crack repair 1/8' or less
  • Concrete crack repair 1/8' or more
  • Concrete patch on floor or stair
  • Concrete seal
  • Concrete sidewalk remove & replace
  • Concrete steps
  • Crushed stone drive install
  • Flagstone installed
  • Flagstone walkway repaired/replaced
  • Grade work - ground prep
  • Pavers for Patio Large 20x20
  • Pavers for Patio Medium 15x15
  • Pavers for Patio Small 10x10
  • Pavers for Sidewalk Large 3x20
  • Pavers for Sidewalk Medium 3x10
  • Pavers for Sidewalk Small 3x4
  • Sidewalk crack repair
  • Sidewalk removed (per)