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Interior Maintenance

Maintenance inside the home should be a preventative measure to offset problems that may arise in the future. Maintenance inside includes simple jobs such as replacing the batteries in a smoke detector to more difficult tasks of repairing windows broken by a wild swing of the bat.

  • Acoustical Ceiling Tile replaced
  • Attic access stairs installed (folding)
  • Attic access stairs removed (folding)
  • Attic access stairs replaced / repaired
  • Baby proofing
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Caulking sink (kitchen or bath)
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Circuit breaker box labeled
  • Clean cabinets
  • Closet rod install
  • Deadbolt installed new
  • Deadbolt removed & replaced
  • Dryer Vent Install
  • Dryer vent installed
  • Dryer Vent Removal
  • Dryer Vent Replace
  • Furnace Filter Replace
  • Install Hanging Pot Rack
  • Keyboard tray mounted
  • Seal countertop - tile
  • Tin ceiling replace
  • Vapor barrier install - crawl space
  • Vapor barrier removed - crawl space
  • Vapor barrier replaced - crawl space
  • Washing machine hose
  • Window Crank replaced
  • Window Screen Replaced